There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Hi, I'm Courtney. Nineteen. Minnesota. Bleeding heart, or something. University of Minnesota.

I love baking, books, coffee, and of course, smashing the patriarchy.

Cis-female. I prefer these pronouns: she, her, hers.

I took too many selfies in my kitchen this morning.


i didn’t understand the hype about wearing leggings as pants until i started wearing leggings as pants and now there’s no going back

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On June 29, 2013, I was raped. →


As a journalist, I’ve been afraid of writing my story since it happened; I was scared it would make it more real. But then a friend shared her story, and it inspired me. I realized that I could have that same courage.

I am telling my story in hopes that others will feel as though they can tell…

It’s crazy how nostalgic one can feel from certain music.

School of Seven Bells came up on my Songza radio of choice, and it brings back a lot of happy memories with Noah when this album stayed in his car for a solid 4 months (with no other music in rotation at the time). It’s currently bringing a smile to my face. Yay for happy memories. 

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Before you speak, ask yourself, is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?

Captain’s not here, Sarge. You can drop the act.

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She does everything well. I really like her because she’s one of those people that stays in her lane, but her lane is really broad.
She’s one of my favourites because she’s brilliant. She really is brilliant. I just really really like and appreciate people who are 100% authentically themselves. Even when she’s on TV and ‘making funny’, that’s still 100% herself.
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